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Logo's, scan data, and the whole nine yards


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I have an extended question related to the LOGO import question.

We are dealing with old data, much of which is AutoCAd and scanned hand drawings.My company is interested in moving all data into pro-E from scan data(scanned hand drawings) and modified scan drawings from autoCAD. How is this done for the scanned stuff?(the dxf,iges transfer is well understood)

These files are dot images similar to jpg, bmp, and pdf files. It would be nice to import the bitmaps of the scanned drawings and tweak them with the Pro E drafting sketcher.

I can not find the Drawing>Insert... command in 2000i2

At some point I see no need to keep both the extra AutoCAd licenses as Pro is more than capable of doing the 2D updates and gradual progression to 3D.


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I have answered my own question it appears. But it has spawned another.

It looks like I have to download(or buy) a raster converter that takes scanned (jpeg,tiff, bmp..etc) and converts them to lines and so on. Or, I have to pay someone to do it for me.

Has anyone out there in Pro-E land done a lot of this raster conversion? I downloaded acme tracer software and it worked. Anyone had good luck with this or would you recommend something else?

Found Acme Tracer at:


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This is an OLD question, but for current users interested in an answer, you can use ADOBE Illustrator to convert your scanned images (raster) into editable splines (vector). Illustrator's old tool for this task was called PathFinder, and it's still available. But that tool pales in comparison to the new LivePain tool. Pixels lay down like lovers for this tool, and it occasionally even recognizes patterns and applies a linetype automatically, rather than creating line segments for, say, a centerline or phantom line.

Once complete, you can apparently import the .AI file directly into Pro/E. Although, I've had no success at all with this, and I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. But if all else fails, you can export the file as a DXF or IGES and follow that route.


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As you said I used AI, export it as DXF and then import of company's logo to our drawing format and was imported succesfully, but the problem is when plotting the drawing, the logo dissappears. I assume logo was converted to some kind of text with font, Pro/E doesn't print, but couldn't find the answer to the problem.

Although I've managed to solve this by creating symbol and importing logo to it, I would rather work with plain drafts and import the logo directly from DXF file.


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Interesting questions Goldlab, What we have typically done is take the old scan of the vendor print and dumped that image inside our border with our P/N on it. Then if it comes time to change we either get a data files or a new image from the vendor.

If it happens to be an internal drawing, we would either remaster it (create model and drawing) if it is during a change. Or create just the model and have a copy of the viewable.