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Locking Dimension


New member
<DIV>Does anyone know a shortcutfor LockDimension (like CTRL+T for Strengthening a Dim.)
<DIV>Pretty silly question i guess</DIV>
<DIV>Also Does anyone have a list of All inbuilt Keyboard Shortcuts & all inbuilt Mapkeys in Pro
<DIV>Any help will be greatly appreciated</DIV>


New member
the "sketcher_lock_modified_dims" option might help. it would be nice
to lock all dims at once and keep them locked but i guess you couldnt
quick modify parts then.


New member
Sorry, don't know about a keyboard shortcut for locking dimensions, but you could create a mapkey.

1. Change the selection filter to "dimensions". Drag a box around all dimensions to select them>RMB > Strong. If all the dimensions are already strong, the RMB option isn't available. Strong dimensions should be locked if you used the config.pro option mentioned above.

2. You could select them the same way and use RMB > Lock.

Don't know if this helps.