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loading drawing gets out of memory error


New member
I have a large assembly drawing that I am unable to open in 2001 on a
Windows station running windows 2000. When I monitor the memory, at
215000K of 252000K my ProE windows closes and the trail file shows
!%CEMemory error. Is there something I can to help the situation.


New member
My virtual memory is set for a minimum of 1536MB and a maximum of 3072MB. I have 1Gig of Ram.

Thanks for the reply


New member
Tried to open assembly, and then open drawing. If you canot open assembly it is logical then you neighter can't open drawing. And how is drawing created in the first place. There are serval solutions to your problem. First tried to create some simple reperesentation of large assembly and create drawing with this simp reps. Futher create some drawing reperesentation so you will have control which view is displayed in drawing and while oppening drawing. Also set this config.pro options:
force_wireframe_in_drawings yes
retain_display_memory yes
display_silhouette_edges no
display_in_adding_view minimal_wireframe
save_display yes
auto_regen_views no