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little help on patterns


New member

i m a pro/e novice and i m mailing for the first time.

I have a problem in making a pattern.

Actually , i m trying to make a pattern(angular) of the cylinder on the top of a circular disc but till now i m unsuccessful.

but i created a pattern of hole on the disc successfully.

plz help me out of it


The key to angular patterns in Pro/E is creating a Make Datum during the feature creation. In your case when you create the cylinder you should select feature>create>protrusion>extrude>solid>done. One side>done. Pick the face of the disk as the sketching plane and then as the next reference plane you will notice in the menus the selection Make Datum. Pick that , you will be asked to create a datum plane so pick TOP and the pick through and pick the axis thru the disk center and then pick angle and pick one of the default datums. pick Done and then pick enter value and enter an angle, and it can be zero if you want. You will now be in sketcher. Select the plane you just created as a rreference and maybe the central axis. Sketch the cylinder.Finish it. When you pattern the cylinder the angle will now show up. Copies are are a longer most cpu intensive route, they are best saved for features which can't easily be created in the normal way.


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