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Link between Pro-E & MS EXCEL


New member
Hello, First let me tell you what my requirement is, I have a

big assembly in which number of components are more (say a 100) & I want to get the weights if each part in an excel sheet & the dimensions of the parts are changing often. Is it possible to get the updated data every time the parts are modified, in the excel sheet? If yes please, if u let me know the procedure, it would reduce my workload for almost a week. I have created an excel sheet manually to get the weights, after the minimum input of overall dimensions of the parts, is there any way to link it with Pro-Engineer?



For each part in your assembly:

1) Create an Analysis Feature with BMX that creates MASS parameter.

2) Create a user-defined parameter call WEIGHT.

3) Write a relation: WEIGHT=MASS:FID_ANALYSIS1

Then create a table on a drawing with repeat regions to call out your WEIGHT parameter for each part. Save the table as text. Import into Excel.

You can also check out p-BOM from which will export your BOM, including parameters, directly to an Excel spreadsheet.


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