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Linear hole dimension from an axis...

red devil

New member
I am trying to put a hole in a part using the automatic hole feature, but I want it dimension linear from the axis of an existing hole. Previous version you pick the axis then the direction from that axis by pick two edges or planes. How do I do it now? I'm using WF2 by the way.

Thanks in advance

Red Devil


New member

I'm using WF2 too. You can't use any axis as a reference for linear dimension in standart hole feature (I didn't seethatpossibilityanyway
). Try to create datum plane thru that axis and use this datum plane as a reference (if you reallyneedlinear dim-s).

P.S. That is the way I do it. You can try ...

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New member
if you really want to have an anchor to this axis of the existing hole and if the newer hole should be on the same surf you may use that way:

1. copythe existing hole

2. paste special (with "apply Move/Rotate transformations to copies" option selected)

3. make necessary moves and click OK

4. open the new hole and change diameterand depth, if it's required


New member
If you're going to place a hole in the same place on an axis, why not just make a coaxial hole. you only need axis and surface. But not goig to be able to move the hole until you move the axis.