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line thickness


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Dear friends, How to control the line thickness in drawing. Here i am changed the pen value in my configuration file also. But when i take the print the thickness of the print is very dark and thick. Before it was ok 2 days back i had updated the last version of proe 2001. I am having the same dtl file and activated. (How to control the line thickness) from satish kumar. (sharjah uae)
Use the pen_table_file option in config. Specify the path of the file (don't forget the extension, like C:\proj\table.pnt). Then, in that point have a file called table.pnt that might look like this:


! This is a pen table file. See Interface Guide under pen mapping.

!use for plotters

! Pen 1 = white entities (object lines)

! Pen 2 = yellow entities (text, dimensions, cross hatching)

! Pen 3 = gray entities (hidden lines)

! Pen 4 = red entities (can use for drawing border if you change the

! entity color to red in the format file)

! Pen 5 = green entities (sheetmetal)

! Pen 6 = cyan entities (section)

! Pen 7 = dark gray entities (dimmed)

! Pen 8 = blue entities (spline surface grid)

pen 1 thickness 0.009 in


PEN 3 thickness 0.003 in

pen 4 thickness 0.005 in

pen 5 thickness 0.010 in

pen 6 thickness 0.010 in

pen 7 thickness 0.002 in

pen 8 thickness 0.005 in


Be aware of the units and again, extension. This works if you are printing in ps (Ad, too.


You can use the pen settings in your, for example:

pen1_line_weight 3

pen2_line_weight 1


BTW, here are some of the common pen assignments:

1 - geometry, curves

2 - dims, leaders, axes, etc

3 - hidden lines

5 - sheetmetal color


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