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Lindows Operating system



I don't know if any of you have noticed, but Wal-mart is selling computers for $200 with the Lindows operating system loaded. I'm thinking about buying one - Have any of you tried using Pro/E on the Lindows operating system?

Is Lindows essentially linux with a fancy user interface?
Please don't wast your time with Lindows. There are a lot of EXTRA costs with this and the computer you get from Wal-Mart is sub-standard to your needs to run pro/e. -- Not to mention there is no official support for Lindows by PTC and the products that come with Lindows service are freely availiable on the web if you look around (e.g. Sourceforge, etc..)

If you want to get some experience with Linux - go with Red Hat or Mandrake. Pro/E is supported on Red Hat 7.x. Mandrake is more user friendly though and may or may not run Pro/E (eventhough they use the same Linux Kernel for the most part).

You can also dual boot Red Hat / Mandrake with your existing windows OS. -- Although you might have to re-install from scratch to avoid partition and boot record problems.

Mandrake ISOs can be downloaded for Free, and I think Red Hat can be also. Even if you have to spend $50-60.00 to get Red Hat - it will be heads and shoulders above Lindows in the long run. (my opinon).

Also - the other thing you should consider. Pro/E Wildfire Student Edition may or may not be supported on Linux. I would doubt it. But check this out if this is the version of Pro/E you are using.

In this part of the world (Australia) you can often get the latest distributions of Red Hat, Mandrake etc free on the cover CD-ROM on computer magazines, together with a whole swag of the standard Linux utilities, office applications, etc. (Well, you still have to buy the magazine!) At least that way, you would be getting a real operating system.

And as for trying to run Pro/E on anything less than a half-way serious PC - I would strongly caution against it. My home PC (well overdue for an upgrade) will run Pro/E, albeit with occasional crashes etc. I am looking forward to buying a new machine with a real processor, HEAPS of RAM, and a decent video card.

Anything less is bound to cause friustrayion.

My $0.02 worth.
I didn't actually say that I use Linux - I was just pointing out that if Linux is useful to you, you don't need to pay much (if anything) to get hold of a copy.

Why do I use Windows?

Easy - because the applications I need to run are only available for Windows (including Pro/E SE and Pro/M SE). I have no interest whatsover in a cheap, stable operating system, if it has no applications that I can afford use, and which are compatible with the applications my employer uses!