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Licensing new options



Maybe this rant and rave would fit better in Bugs and builds', but I'm peeved at ptc adding functionality in Wildfire without giving the user access unless they buy the option...

My direct rant is towards Restyle when working with point clouds... It costs another $14,000 to buy the option.

If Wildfire was going to ship WITHOUT that option - why did PTC add the option, without the functionality?

For that cost, I might as well bypass PTC and go straight to GEO MAGIC...


This has been one of my pet peeves with PTC since 1990! You pay the big bucks up front, you pay the high maintenance fees. PTC promisses that they will keep improving the software and that you will get the benifit in the new releases. However, whenever there is substantial new functionality they stick it to you with a high dollar upgrade or option fee.

We paid to restructure our licenses about 4 years ago to get the foundation package and AAX. Now they want more money to get 'Foundation II functionality and higher maintenance fees. However, PTC have reduced the cost for new licenses that have all this functionality. So I paid more for the license, paid maintenance AND have to pay an upgrade fee? I don't think so!!!

We probably will be forced to switch to something else because there is no justification for this pricing structure.


New member
I can't really complain too much about the price of licensing and maintenance. We purchased the Foundation II package a little over a year ago and just recently renewed maintenance.

It is a little bizarre how they choose to bundle the functionality. You'd think that with PTC big marketing push to promote Top Down design they'd want everyone working with Skeleton models but you don't get this even with Foundation II. Likewise the division of functionality with Intralink makes even less sense. Why include package replication and not baselines?

Bernie Hayden