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License pack surprise


New member
I'm running 2001 & WF and I have foundation II with assembly enhancements. I was frustrated that I didn't have advanced surfacing capabilities (i.e. Var sec Sweep)

Well after installing WF, I now get those capabilities in 2001 :)

Bottom line: Even if you don't want to install WF, you might want to run your pro with your WF license pack and get some additional functionality (unless of course you already have all the bells & whistles)


New member
I had an email from PTC prior to our upgrade to Wildfire telling me that customers who have the Foundation II package will be upgraded to the new Foundation Advantage package which contains the lovely advanced surface and assembly goodies.

A nice surprise!


New member
Yes it is a nice suprise, but no one at PTC told us before we purchaced an advanced surface with ISDX module. We had only one seat with advance surfacing and asked if we could buy another seat of surfacing we explained that we would not need ISDX just advanced surfacing, they told us you have to buy the full module now to get the advanced surfacing. Then we loaded Wildworks, and low and behold all our seats now have what we needed. Just wasted over $4K, thats costumer focused?


New member
>customers who have the Foundation II package will be >upgraded to the new Foundation Advantage package >which contains the lovely advanced surface and >assembly goodies.

I figured (hoped) the Foundation II would translate into the Advantage package. If not it would be a downgrade and a sure way to loose maintenance customers.

I haven't much use for advanced surfaces but what assembly goodies have been added?

Also, there's the infamous Autobuildz; where in the heck is it? Supposedly it's part of the Flex3C (what ever the heck that is) and the Foundation Advantage but I sure can't find it in the Wallflower menus or for download at PTC.

Bernie Hayden



New member
In reply to Spark4, PTC are out of order there!

We almost purchased the advanced surface extension (ASX) too as the ISDX was too expensive. Luckily I got the email in time. But your supplier sold you duff info, as you could buy the ASX separately for


New member

>In reply to Bhayden, the assembly goodies are the >shared data, shrink wrap ability.

I thought full shrinkwrap was available with the Foundation II package. What is the shared data feature you mentioned?


PS, Not by chance an Manchester fan are you :+)


New member
Hi Bernie,

How did you guess i am a Man U fan...... ;-) Good game last night though.

Shared data allows you to use 'top down' designing.

Anyway, with shared data you can create a model with datum curves, surfaces, features etc. This 'Generic' model can then be imported (shared) into other models. For example a plastic moulding that has two halves. If then you need to modify say the overall size, then you only need to change the 'generic' model. When you regenerate the piece parts they will change as per your generic model.

The generic model can be shared with other users in your design team, as different people maybe be designing various areas of the design project. With this functionality you will all use the same data.

Try it, it's very powerful and useful.



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