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level point dimensioning


New member
I need to create dimensions in assy, but i dont want the witness lines, dimension lines and arrow to appear, instead i just want < symbol to appear next to the dimension. Is it possible to create such a dim style?

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New member
It can be Done, but one wonders what a drawing inspector would make of it.

1. Create a dim, (easier than use shown dims)

2.toggle dims from value to symbol 486 to add1 (or whatever the dim ID is)

3.Create a not with &add1 (again whatever)

4. The original dim will disappear.

5. Rotate the note 90


New member
But the above is only one dimension of an assy, there are hundreds of dimensions, if i do as above it'll become leborious. Ok answer this question, can we erase the dimension line? I can make the witnessline invisible and arrows open and wide, but i could'nt erase the dim line.