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Leader points to wrong feature in pattern.


New member
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I would like to know how to control which feature in a pattern that the leader dimension is attached to. I have not been able to modify the attachment of this (see attached) or any other pattern dimension that I have ever drawn. Since the automatically attached leader often crosses other leader lines or forces the dimension callout to be placed in an awkward location, I would like to be able to modify the attachment. In the attached jpeg, the automatic attachment was on the middle hole in the pattern. For example, I would like to use the left hole. ProE 2001
Using Show/Erase dialog box.

Erase that dimension.

Then do show by 'Feature and View' and select the hole you want the dimension to display.


New member
The Mod Attach option should work as well. Select the detail item, right mouse click and hold, and select Mod Attach. All the other items the detail could be attached to should highlight in purple, and click where you want it to be.


New member
The Mod Attach option does not seem to work for patterned features. I've tried it many times, hoping each time would be more successful than the last.

The Mod Attach sometimes works for my Shown radii. The eligible alternate radiused features will show up in purple but will not always be selectable. I am often stuck with the dimension pointing to the radius that is in the busiest section of the drawing. In those cases, I don't remember if the 'Feature and View' option worked.
In those case (trying to change the attach point for radii), best to switch the view first then Mod attach.