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Latest version of Pro/INTRALINK


New member
Does anyone know what the latest version of Pro/INTRALINK that will allow me to use Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire? I'm trying to use Wildfire but from what I have heard it is not compatible with Intralink 3.0 or Intralink 3.2. Does anyone have a site that I can reach in order to research the new Intralink product?

Just did a quick search on PTC and found this:

Will Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire work with Pro/INTRALINK 3.0 and higher?

Pro/INTRALINK customers who wish to use Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire need to upgrade to Pro/INTRALINK version 3.3.

There's probably a more official statement than this, but the naswer is you'll have to wait until version 3.3 comes out. I think it is due in out around June.
I was told by my sales person that 3.3 was due out in the first of May. Since I'm new to Pro/E, I wanted to start my core training with Wildfire. It's really upsetting to me that the two didn't arrive at the same time. PTC wants us to upgrade to PDM/Link, which will probably cost us more.

Steve C
It's not just PTC. Software developers everywhere use a different calander than the Roman calander we're most familiar with. The Software calander has 18 months and there are 6 quarters in a year :+)

Yes I know that software dudes work on a differeent calander, but I thought that since this is Pro/E's biggest release in a while, that the two pieces of software that are needed to work together would be released at the same time :-( It's sad, IMHO, that Pro/E requires you to have a PDM system to work productively.

Steve C