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large size printing


what is the best way to use a laser A4 printer to print out

a 1meter square drawing view of a model which is 1:1.

i have played with some of the print options but they dont seem, efficient.
1) make the drawing 'E' size or similar

2) print using a scale of 1.00 on A paper

3) check the box for 'segmented'

make sure the drawing view is also 1:1

I always throw a few dimensions on there as well so I can verify with a ruler on the final output. If you're verifying the scale with a ruler, remember to check both directions (x and y)... some roll plotters had paper-feed systems that can produce plots that are 1:1 in one direction, but slightly different in another.


Help! I have tried using the above method to no avail. I have to print a portion of a d size dwg on a b size sheet. What am I doing wrong??!!!


Make sure you do not have based on zoom checked. You can also try a clipped plot as well with scale full and A size checked. Again make sure the based on zoom is not selected.

BTW...have you ever watched Escape from New York? I think you have a famous cousin :)

Good luck


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