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Large format laser printer recommendations sought.


New member
Can anyone recommend a large format laser printer (11 x 17)? PPM, and print resolution are not critical, as 1200x1200 DPI @ 10PPM would be plenty. Ethernet connectivity is a big plus.



New member
We have an HP LaserJet 5100 TN cant remember the letters after it, great printer, it came with 2 trays, it does 1200x1200. They had a slimmed down model with just one tray...


We have been using an HP5000 for several years, just got an HP8000. The 5000 is good for a workgroup, a little lightweight if you have a lot of people sharing the printer. The 8000 is a lot bigger and heavier duty, should support at least 30 poeple depending on how much you print. Either can be configured with ethernet, multiple paper trays, duplexers, etc.


New member
There are 5 of us attached to an HP8150N. We have used it for well over a year on the same toner cartridge. Don't know how many prints we have output, but it is considerable. Very pleased with output and performance. It is also network configurable through a web browser.


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