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New member
I have a very large assembly of over 1000 parts and size of 1GB. I am using Intralink2.0 and Pro/E 2001 with 100mbps network. The hardware is P3/1GB RAM/64MB VRAM.

It takes almost 10 minutes to open the assembly as a graphics representation. Opening the Master Rep causes premature exit of Pro/E.

Can any one suggest what is the best hardware configuration to be used for such work.


New member
Be carrefull with windows OS you can't use a process with more than 1.5gb (windows limitation).

You have to use simply rep and make more than one drawing and murged them.

It is not a question of hardware performance, only OS limit.


New member
If you have a 1000-part assembly model and your opening the master model through Pro/Intralink with Pro/E, one problem may be that you only have 1GB of RAM. If your model is 1GB and you are running software this could exceed your memory and cause Pro/E to exit. The Pro/E software plus Pro/Intralink software running with no model opened takes up a certain amount of memory, so by adding a 1GB model to that is probably a bit too much. Your network speed doesn't matter for this topic as it is only important for check-out to workspace before opening model. Computer companies sell computers with a P4 and 1.5GB RAM for around 1000 bucks.


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