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Laptop specs and licenses


New member
Three questions in one.

1. Can anybody advise a mid level laptop specification to run PROE 2002?

2. Reading a previous posted topic Athlon XP or not can I assume that this is the best processor to use?

3. Can I transfer the existing PROE license from the LAN card in my PC onto the laptop?

Thanks all

Sometime ago I found an ad from DELL. They were showing the Precision M50. It comes with the NVIDIA Quadro 4 500 Go GL graphics processing unit and a single Pentium 4-M processor at 1.8 GHz. Memory configurations include 256, 512, and 1024 MB PC2100 Double Data Rate SDRAM. Hard drive options include 40 and 60 GB ata-100, 5400 rpm. The monitor is an UltraSharp 15-in. TFT UXGA display.

I haven't researched much more than this. Let me know what else you find out.

Thanks in advance,

[email protected]
In looking for a laptop pay attention to the mouse set-up. Unless of course you plan to always use an external mouse. My Compaq laptop will not emulate a three button mouse and Pro/E support for a two button mouse is really poor. Although I'm hoping this will chance with the new Wildfire interface I'm not holding my breath.

One workaround if you need to be able to use the laptop without an internet connection is to tie the Pro/E license to a USB ethernet interface so it can function like a dongle. Not something I'd recommend if you can avoid it. If you've got network access just leave the license server where it is and point the laptop to that machine as a license server.

Bernie Hayden

I am using a Sony pcg-grx570 512 ram 40 GB HD 16 LCD run 2001 with ISDX. The only problems that I have is the video is only 32 MB but as long as I just have one window open at a time I can pull up any size assembly. Other then that I can run Pro/E just fine. I would not get it with any less ram then 512. Hope this helps.

I would how ever recommend the dell but I don
You might also look at the new Thinkpads the entire A series is highly capable of running 2001 I'm using an A22p the mouse being an issue, but you can get now an A30p for about $2k which has a far better Video card and holds up to 1Gb of memory.

Mine has a 15 1600x1200 resolution which although being supreme brings the processor down due to the high quantity of pixels being rendered. You can solve that using a smaller window instead of fullscreen.
I didn't make that clear. I'm worried because I don't want to have to spend almost $4K for a laptop that isn't going to get the job done.

If your main worry is power instead of portability, then you might need to look at *real* portable workstations like those found in:

However Thinkpads and DELL's are also PTC certified, you should try to look out.

However this might be expensive and not mid-level, If you're looking for mid-level and portability I don't think you can mix it with High-Performance. It's a compromise
RE 1) I've got the Dell M50, 2.0GHz P4, 15in UXGA, 1GB RAM, 40GB 5400 RPM drive, NVIDIA Quadro 4 Go. No surprises here, it performs very well. Plus, I've had very good luck with durability of Dell portables (a couple of unplanned drop tests).

If you can afford it (mine was about $4K) the M50 is without question the best mobile workstation out there.

RE 3) I've got a dedicated license for Pro/E running on mine. If you do not plan to use a docking station then assign it to the internal NIC. With a dock (which has its own NIC) there is a easy work around to get the license to look at the internal NIC even when connected to the dock. That way the license works whether you are connected to the network or not.

- Dan
Excellent forum, very helpful answers. With ref to write up at and general concession decided to go for Dell M50. Off to get best price. Thanks
A couple more thoughts on laptop features.

Besides the two button mouse issue on my Compaq Presario 2700T the other anoying feature is that is lacks a serial port. Yes is has two USB ports which are essential BUT a serial port is also important. Older Palm Pilots and the like use serial. Also our new GSM cell phone that can give you up to a 56k wireless conection also is serial only. Ditto my GPS. I have a USB to serial adapter cable which miraculasly works with XP Pro but still, a real serial port would be a plus.

I really like the 15 screen. Being spoiled by a dual monitor at work 15 seems like a minimum for a Pro/E. Especially as the menus gobble up more and more of the screen with each release. Maybe I'm just old and blind :+)

One feature I was specifically looking for was a TV (NTSC) output. This is handy as a presentation tool. Not so much for Pro/E since resolution isn't great on a TV but digital photos and rendered images look OK and if there's a group it's hard to see a laptop since viewing angle is so small on LCD screens. Plus it makes a nice DVD player in your hotel room.

If anyone knows of a way to treat the external VGA output and the laptop LCD screen as a dual monitor set-up that would be slick.

Also a built in wireless LAN would be handy. The PCMCIA cards are not mechanically very robust.

Oh, the whole set-up should cost <$1,000 :+)

Bernie Hayden


I don't know about the Compaq, but the VGA out of my Thinkpad works to connect a second monitor without much hassle, most of the thinkpads I know work this way, you might try out on your Compaq. Also the TV out works directly as a second monitor, but the resolution is just too bad for any work not for movies or very big lettered presentations.

I think that this A22p is really good for Pro/E, It's not the best performance but is a good compromise. It's an intended Mobile Workstation and you can find it for ~$1000-1500.


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