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laptop for wf 2.0

Uni Phil

New member
I'm looking at getting a new laptop and running WF 2.0 SE on it, but don't have the sort of cash to by a workstation laptop.

I've almost settled on sony vaio with a pentium m 1.7GHz cpu and a 128mb Geforce go graphics card.

I've also seen some others with slightly bigger screens but only have 64mb ati mobility cards.

Just thought I'd ask some others to see which is best (ATI or Nvidia) and will it really matter if I'm running 64 over 128 of memory for the graphics. I heard somewhere that anything over 64 is a waste.

Also is it better to run pro/e on a normal pentium 4 than a pentium m or is there no difference.

Cheers people.


New member
Laptop category are mentioned below.
1. 7 inches to 10 inches: Mini-Laptop
2. 10 to 12.1 inches: Ultra Portable and Thin-and-Light Laptop
3. 13.3 to 15.4 inches: All-Purpose Laptop
4. 16 to 20.1 inches: Desktop Replacement Laptop