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Knowledge fusion comparative module


New member
Dear all,

I am too curious to know whether PTC has come up with a module in Pro E with which we can program design rules, create automatic parts, select design rules from another file, intelligently choosing the features with out manual assistance to come up with an expert knowledge built in....

Iam talking about Knowledge Fusion which is Unigraphics..That is cool, and intelligent. KF language is Object oriented..

It is high time since PTC start some thing in this line, if it has not already done so.

PTC always comes with the best, but at the last..lke Windchill

Comments awaited.

Best REgards

Hari Parthasarathy


New member
PTC limits access to most of the actual geometry creation and sub-navigation features within the API. You are pretty much limited to what you can do with Pro/PROGRAM and Pro/TOOLKIT.

If you are looking for fleiability, we have a scripting interface for kernel-level programming with Pro/E's Modeling Kernel - it works great and we write all of our applications with it. you can find out more at http://www.buydesignautomation.com

Also - we have some high-level, offthe shelf applications that are about to be released that you might find interesting. Shoot me an e-mail so that I can better learn about what you are trying to do.




New member

I can summarise my question as follows.

Unigraphics& nbsp; Pro E

UG Grip&n bsp;&n bsp; Pro Program

Ufunc(UG Open)& nbsp;Pro Tool Kit

Knowledge Fusion ????????

I hope it is clear now



New member

I guess we don't understand what Knowledge Fusion is supposed to do. Is there some documentation you can reference on the web that explains its function?



New member
Thanks for the link; nice article. I can see your problem trying to map this to a single Pro/ENGINEER module. Here are my two cents worth.

Pro/ENGINEERdoesn't have one package that directly maps to UG's Knowledge Fusion. From what Iread Knowledge Fusion appears to be a programming API for linking various modeling capabilities into user defined feature creation interfaces. The functionality they show most closely relates to Behavioral Modeling and Mechanicaused in conjunction withUser Defined Features. These three products are easilly integrated today usingOut-Of-The_Box (OOTB) functionality. If I had to pick one product, I would say Behavioral Modeling because it can call a Mechanica Analyisis, optimize geometry,and it can be saved as a feature in the model tree.

The biggest benefit of Knowledge Fusion is all these tools are integrated together. The biggest drawback is you have to manually program the interaction. I didn't see anything mentioning what you had to purchase from UG to be able to create the examples shown (i.e. structural analysis software purchase?). I know you can't create a Mechanica analysis in Pro/ENGINEER without purchasing Mechanica.

The tire example is a classic Mechanica Structure optimization example. I didn't see where they included any other modules for this example.

The spline shaft geometry could be a poster child forUser Defined Features (UDFs). You can build the spline shaft geometry and create a family tabled UDF to capture all possible spline configurations. Then just place the necessary instance for the task at hand. You can even use aBehavioral Modeling analysis that callsMechanica Structureto automaticallyvalidate/optimize the shaft strength per its length.

The beam can be optimized with Behavioral Modeling (BMX).BMX can be used to place the interspaced beams based on design criteria. BMX analyses can be saved as UDFs and applied to other models. They can also be saved as features in the model tree so the geometry will update appropriately with each regeneration. No other applications appear to be involved.

I wasn't clear on what the airfoil was doing. If they were implementing a fluid flow analysis, you would have to use Behavioral Modeling using an external analysis feature to access a third party fluid flow package.The functionality is intended, but thelink to and fromthe external application has to be written manually.

Pro/E hasthe ablility to replace the contents of an imported CATIA file with a newer version of the file. When you replace the imported file, it updates any common references between the two files, thus diminishing possible downstream failures. That is the intent of all Associative Topology Bus (ATB) interfaces.

Beyond these capabilities, you will probably have to use Pro/TOOLKIT to write your own interface. For instance, you can write custom checks in ModelCHECK in Wildfire 3.0 using Pro/TOOLKIT. These custom checks can find and possibly, automatically, fix the non-conformity.

Any other thoughts or observations? Am I missing something important? Thanks again for the UG product information.


New member
Thanks a lot meadows,

Good analysis by you

I have a big BUT...

Knowledge fusion is not simply linking your anlaysis tool(like Behavior modelling),

the aerofoil is the example that stands aprat..

The possibility of embedding the design rules of a product so that the whole prodcut can be made just by giving some inputs,

KF can think in the lines of a designer and choose design rules..(not necessarily output from mechanica/ analysis),

even cost can be made to control a product variant design in Knowledge fusion..

also we require seperate licensing fro KF in UG..

Infact KF can exist independent of Analysis pacakge..

It is now you use it..

Thus, KF is some thing close to a Design exprt system, but you have to program..

once done, it can do wonders..

thanks all


I think that this may be what PRO/NOTEBOOK does - it's basically supposed to be a layout with all of the design rules for a complete assembly. But it's only available in the advanced assembly package, so I don't know if it's what you're after.