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KinetiVision video tips


New member
Not sure if this is the appropriate forum but in the absence of one for proecentral I'll use this.

Does anyone use these and get anything out of them ??

The latest Converting a Solid Part To a Sheetmetal Part and Adding Corner Relief is a duesy.

It talks about ripping edges and for the first 1/3 of the demo you just stare at a gray cube. For the next 1/3 the model window is blocked by a options window !!
Doug, I just ran the video again (since I saw it first on Wednesday) and I saw nothing wrong. I like the videos, some better than others, but for the most part they're intuitive. I would like to see more done in Wildfire, since that's what I'm using.

Steve C
the K-vision videos are super. i just wish that subscribing to their website wasn't so much$$.

also, maybe they could have guest narators. i'm think Don Knotts.
Dougr et al.,

I'm not sure why you describe the video this way. I'm hoping you are actually having network problems and the video is hanging whuile the sound continues. Here is the actual timing and topic coverage for this particular video.

@42 sec. we have already converted and shelled the cube to a sheetmetal part.

@1:14 we cover ripping the corners.

@1:32 We cover a single option to show some sheetmetal info.

@2:06 we cover 4 types of corner relief for the ripped edges.

@2:36 we finish the relief

@2:56 we cover a simple wall extend for an existing wall

@3:18 we cover the unbend function

@4:12 we cover the bend back function.

Then we review the topic.

I hope this shows you we do a lot more than just 1/3 time of a window etc.

We really need user input to create what users want/need to see. We regualrly do requests for users and many of them end up as tips of the week here at ProE Central. We would be happy to cover more Wildfire topics but there just doesn't seem to be the interest. About 15%-20% of Pro/E users say they are on Wildfire. If you would like to request a topic visit our contact page or email the tips to [email protected].

We want to be as valuable to the community as we can.