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Just installed 2000i^2 Student Edition but can't open part!


New member

I just installed 2000i^2 Student Edition. To test the software, I created bogus part PARTA.PRT , saved the part, ended the session, started a new session, and tried to open PARTA.PRT. Although the part is in the working directory and shows in the File Open dialog window, the software says PARTA can't be opened.

Anybody have a clue as to why?


I am not sure exactly what is happening to your part. I do know that files saved in the student edition cannot be opened with a regular license. I realize that this does not solve your problem but maybe it will help you brainstorm the problem.

By the way:

Is there any possibility of opening a part with the sudent edition, which has been created with the regular license?

A tool for example?
1. In response to Vivi and Mike2000, the Installation Guide for Pro/E 2000i^2 Student Edition says that the only interface between the Student Edition and the regular edition is via neutral files. If I recall correctly, neutral files are sort of like IGES geometry in that all part intelligence (e.g. relations, mass properties, parameters) are removed. I THINK (but don't know for sure) that the neutral files are even more sterile than the IGES files in terms of the retention of part intelligence.

2. Correction to my description of the error message: the error message says PARTA.PRT cannot be retrieved.


With the help of the software vendor, ABJ Software, I finally fixed it. ABJ said to shut down ALL virus protection and try reinstalling. It worked.

WARNING to all installing Pro/E 2000i^2 Student Edition:

As a precaution, shut down ALL virus protection features when you do the installation.

On another note, for those who have NU System Works. I suspect that the Windows Registry cleaner may hose the Pro/E 2000i^2 Student Edition registry, thinking that part of the registry is an error.




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