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JPG in Proe 2001


New member

When I do what you say, a blob comes up on the dwg., nothing else.

I have a .jpg file for my company logo.

I want to create a symbol so we could use it for our artwork or for creating logos on our products.




New member

The functionality does work. Sometimes it's difficult to diagnose what exactly someone's doing wrong if you're not looking over someone's shoulder and seeing what exactly they're clicking.

(Problems like these we call clickology.)

If you've got a jpeg you'd like to use as a logo on your products, I'd suggest creating a cosmetic sketch (Insert > Cosmetic > Sketch) or a flat surface (Insert > Surface > Flat) on the part, and applying the jpeg using the technique in dougr's post.

Did you say you haven't purchased the software yet? If not, I'd suggest going with WF instead of 2001. The 2001 code is 4 years old, and WF is tons faster and easier.


New member
I think there are 2 config options you have to enable in order to get it to work. Sorry can't remember the settings

Otherwise try this, in on insert, object, creat a file, browse to the jpeg file, the file should come up for you to resize and move.

I have no problem doing this in 2001 or Wildfire


New member
Hello Moroso,

I tried what you said , however it seems that without the settings weverything is to na avail.

Could you send me a copy (print screen) of your to look for the setting you have?




New member
Well, after long manipulations I got it to work.

I think I have to thank Mr. Bill Gates for this convoluted and protracted work.

My initial files came from an Apple computer and they cannot be seen well on Windows (we use win 2000).

I used a different program to translate the file into something that looks like lines and arcs instead of bits.

More had to be done to make it a usable file.

Files translated lose their integrity (features or geometric elements) depending on what the rules are in the kernel of the translation program.

One may get something that's close to the original but not an exact duplicate.

I want to thank all for your good intentions, support and advice.




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