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New member
We are looking to expand an existing Intralink installation, to

allow viewing access across several remote sites. One of the

solutions that has been put forward is ITOOLS from Rand. But the only information we have is a brief power point show. A search of the web has proven fruitless, including Rands own site which has no more than a page given over to the product. Can anyone out there shed some light on this product or relate some experience of implementing it.

My name is Martin Carignan and I am the Marketing Manager for ACCURIT, Rand Worldwide software developement group. It will be my pleasure to help you on finding the benefits of using iTools and how it will increase your productivity with Pro/INTRALINK. An on-site or a web demo can be scheduled easily, and we have several happy customers Worldwide that will take the time to talk to you on the beneficial use of iTools.

Please respond directly to my email address, [email protected] to let me know what suits you better.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Martin Carignan

Rand Worldwide
Is anyone using AutoVue with FroTools? My situation is this we are using an installation of AutoVue and a separate installation of FroTools and are having some difficulty getting the two softwares to communicate with eachother. If anyone is successfully doing this I'd appreciate any and all help.

[email protected]


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