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Item Numbers on parts list


New member
Can anyone help?

I am trying to represent the item number given to a part in the parts list in my text parametrically. In our drawing notes we refer to items on the parts list I.E: -- Fit item 20 (nut, m4) to item 12 (Screw, m4). When an assembly has parts either added or removed these numbers become out of date due to the parametric restructuring of the parts list. Is there anyway we can refer to the item number parametrically in our note so it updates automatically??


Brett Reader.
If I understand you correctly you want to add a note to your notes that says Insert part no. 12345-00 to 78901-00?. If that is the case, make sure your BOM is set up properly and when you call out your notes make sure you have the right parameter such as &part_1 (no quotes). The problem I have ran into doing this is the fact that I rearrange my parts and then my note gets screwed up.

Hope that helps a little.

I'm not to sure we are on the same line here. On my parts list I have a repeat region which numbers all the parts (&rpt.index). On the drawing the part will have a balloon with this corresponding number in it. I want to put the number given in the parts list in my text but want it to be parametric.

If I insert an new part then these numbers will re-arrange themselves. Then my not number will not be tru.



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