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isometric views


New member
hi, i normally insert an isometric view of a part at the top-right area of a drawing. i hv two questions:

1. sometimes the isometric view would look better if it could be
rotated but i don't get any tool to do that. is it possible to rotate
an isometric view?

2. how do i display the isometric view in color as it looks in the part model?




New member
Please, correct me, if i'm mistaken, but why can't you create a required view inthe part mode (name it "myisometric" for example) and then place drawing in this view? I mean place general view and select "my isometric" view type.


New member

you can definitely make your own view from the model and use it to the general view in your drawing. by the way what version of Pro/E are you using? so that i can explain it to you how it's done.


New member
You can definitely rotate an isometric view in the drawing by reorienting the view and put some angle for rotation.


New member

for placing a required orientation in the drawing, the best way i feel is what Blaze has suggested. if you already have a view place and would like to reorient it, you can still save the orientation in part mode andredefine (drawing properties) the existing view in the drawing and reorient it with the saved orientation.

to change the color of the view per the part model, go to properties of the view > view display > model color. this is in WF,should be the same in earlier version.


Just pick the view, right click, select properties, change the orientation method to angles and rotate to your hearts content.