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ISDX..two quick questions..


New member
say I've created a surface using 4 primary curves. now in the same featureI create a COS and use this to trim this quilt.. (I really should probably have done this as a seperate feature butI wanted to be able totune the surface an see the effect on the COS) so now I essentially have two quilts..

but let's say that I now want to add an internal curve to the original surface so normally I'd select the surface and use the edit definition.. but doing that now only lets me edit the surface trim usign the COS..

So If I have asurfaceand a COS used to trim that surface in the same ISDX feature, how can I edit the original surface.. if that makes sence..


if I want to use a datum ribbon to create a draftangle for an ISDX freeform surface, would I attach the ISDX curves to the ribbon edge itself (also use the edge of the ribbonas a bounding edge for the surface) or would I use the curve used to create the ribbon? .. again if that makes sence..

Thanks for the help..