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is proe compatible with win xp?


New member
hi! i have a problem.. i can't installing proe and i don't no why.. the problem is, if i doubleclick setup.exe, then nothing happens.. maybe the problem is, my proe is not compatible with win xp, because i have win xp on my pc..

can somebody help me please?


I have win XP and I haven't run into any problems with it. I don't know your exact situation..... Is this a full version or student?
My student copy was bought from the company for my research. I find that there are problems with Pro E if you don't have a powerful enough system. I have the radeon 9700 and don't experience any delays in my modelling, but I know that if you have an old graphics card, it slows down the regeneration quite significantly. Also, for the student version, you must have the CD in the drive in order for it to work. It is a safety measure of Pro E.
Yes, you need to have the the cd in the drive. Please do not send direct messages to me. Posting your questions on the messageboards is more beneficial to everyone.
no there are no problems with xp please check ur CD with other versions it successfully runs on xp
I had the same problem trying to install a 2001 proe version in W95, i thought it was the OS so i updated to Windows 2000 but also i couldn't install it (after double click nothing happened).

Then I formated the system and installed W2000 from scratch and things functioned. I don't know what is wrong but there should be an easiest way for solving this problem.
hm.. ok guys, thanks for the replies.. i will check it out and if i have problems again, i ask..

thanks again for all the informative answers.


If you are having issues with getting PTC.Setup to initialize then it is most likely caused by a conflict with another process running on your computer. I have seen this most commonly with Sony VAIO computers. To resolve this issue do the following

<ul>[*]Go to Start > Run > Type: msconfig (without marks) > press [enter][*]When the System Configuration Dialog box appears select the Selective Startup Option[*]Uncheck the box that says Load Startup Items[*]Click on the Services tab[*]Place a check mark in the box in the lower left-hand corner that says Hide all Microsoft Services[*]Click the Disable All button[*]Click Apply[*]Click Close[*]Restart your computer[/list]

At this point you should be able to start PTC.Setup and get a good clean installation. When you are finished you can restore a normal startup by running msconfig again, checking the normal start up option, applying and then restarting.


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