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Is it safe to convert from STEP and back?


New member
I faced an unexpected problem, maybe somebody can help me with the answer. I work with Artec Studio software and my client has sent me a package of STEP files that I need to analyze, process and send back to him. And it looks like we have different versions of the program - he has version 15 and I have version 13 and as you may see ( https://www.artec3d.com/3d-software/artec-studio#compare-studios) v13 is not supporting STEP extension as v15 does. If I convert STEP files to another format, do my work in CREO with these files, convert them back and send them back to him - is it possible? Will there be any problems or is it a safe way to use it?
Should I submit a ticket to Artec tech support of the answer can be found here? Asking my client to send me the files with another extension is not an option for me, I really need this order.