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Is a second Mechansim "motion" assy needed?


There only needs to be 1 asm. Assemble the parts using the correct connections and not worrying about the offsets. Go into Mechanism and create the drives. Then use the Profile tab to set up starting conditions and any limits on the motion as well as the zeros for this joint. You can use the specify references to set up things such as 2 planes mating.

In the profile tab press the icon in the specification area.
I think the important thing to consider is, do you create assembly level references when creating your models. In other words will the shape and position of a feature in one part depend on references in another part in the assembly. In a situation like that, it would make sense to have a separate assembly for Mechanism Design. Otherwise, if all the parts in your model are independent of each other, or they don't have any external references through an assembly, then you can just use one assembly for modelling as well as Mechanism Design. One advantage of using the same assembly is that if you create drawings of different configurations of your assembly, you can use Mechanism to drag your model into the desired configuration, take a snapshot and make that snapshot available as an exploded state for use in the drawing mode (in 2001 only). Hope this helps.


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