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IP Problem


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Hi all,

We finally got that new PC for Pro/NC after the old one finally disintegrated with a poof of smoke. New problem is that the new PC has 2 IP addresses. I asked PTC to modify our license so that it would read the first IP ( This normaaly being the default) but when installing proe it could not see it, only the second!!! I tried disabling the second card to see if it would pickup on the first, but it just can't see it. It has taken 3 weeks to recieve the new license from PTC and we can't afford to leave the seat of proe non-productive for another 3 weeks.

Does anyone have any idea why the first network address cannot be seen ?




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We are using OS XP! It came with 2 network as standard. got the 2 IP addresses by using the run cmd ipconfig -all, which will show you all the info you need for the network cards. Both of them showed up on this check.

Our IT department will not have anything to do with Pro/e, so we are left to our own devices.

Howeber, the problem is now solved. I have found a re-seller of pro/e who will have the licenses modified today.


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When you stick the Pro/E cd in the cd drive you should get a PTC Host ID in the lower left corner, that is what your license should be set to.

If it isn't you could go on PTC's website (if you're paying maintenance) and change over the host id to be the right one.

Go to Support, Reconfigure Software License, you should have a new license within the hour of reconfiguring.


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Here's a neat trick that sometimes works and I discovered quite by accident:

Run REGEDIT. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards

You will see them arranged in a descending alphanumeric sort, except that 10 comes before 2 because 1 is less than 2. Investigate the ones you have there to determine which one is the network card with the MAC address you have a license for. If it is not the FIRST card in the list, rename the folders so that it IS the FIRST card in the list. For example, if you have 10 and 12, and 12 is the licensed MAC, rename 10 to 13.

This helped me when I kept sliding my wireless NIC in and out of my laptop and CPU_ID.bat would keep reading alternate MAC address. Also, visit http://www.buydesignautomation.com and go to their downloads section. There is a little registry hack you can download for free that disables MediaSensing so that cards with no cable attached are still active. I can't remember the exact combo I used, but I did get it to work.



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Thanks for your replies. We have recieved the new license...

We will be recieving more new PC's soon, so i will double check them all for which network cards are seen by Pro/e.