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Invisible Points


New member
I'm getting pretty irritated here and I'm developing a HATE for Catia.

This is pretty much a fresh install of Catia V5. I've started a part, created a point AND I CAN'T SEE THE POINT! I've screwed around with the visualizations, messed with the point properties, pissed around with the Catia visualization properties and I can't these Points to show!!!

It shows the point in my tree, I can select it, I can change it's location I just Cant see it!!
Anyone know how to get this F'n thing to show up?

Hi Wallybanger or anyone who might have had the same issue, I have actually the same issue you had more than 2 years ago...
and I just move from ProE to CATIA V5 then got this issue where I import or create points but can't see them on the screen even though they are in the tree and I can even reframe on them.
Sounds like the display performance issue you had before Wallybanger as they are no in no show mode, definitely.
Well, any help will be much appreciated.
I should have posted to let you know how I fixed it because now I'm having the same f**king problem and I don't remember what I did
Hi all,

For this problem goto menu Tools-Options and at tree from
left at tab Performance drag the cursor for Pixel culling
to left for zero value, for Static and While Moving.
I hope this was the solution.
Have a good job !


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