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Inventor9 Vs WildFire


New member
Help required!

We currently run WildFire and have used Pro since R17. Unfortunately, due to maintenance & support costs, my superiors have proposed a move to Inventor 9!?

I have seen numerous demos and heard all the blurb (from allegedly ex-PTC reps etc etc) praising the system, but have no 'hands-on' experience of IV9.

Can anybody, honestly outline the Pro's and Con's with repect to WildFire, before my company defects to AutoDesk??

Kind Regards.
If your making simple components then you probably don't
require a powerful tool like the Pro/E. What kind of business are you
in? Creating a Conveyer using Inventor might be ok.
Creating a consumer electronic product with ergonomic controls might be painful
in inventor. As the user base grows an the programmers add functionality
maybe from Maya and Alias Studio inventor could mature into a powerful tool in
several years. I would keep an eye on it. Autodesk has they ear for
all the architecture folks and small shops. Especially the drafting
departments of High Schools.

The fact that all the jobs out there are Pro/E would make me wish to learn Pro/E over other tools. You might try to plea with your boss on that. Grounds that if there was a layoff I could get a job if i were proficient with Pro/E and less apt to get a job if I knew inventr or solidworks.

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