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Inventor conversion to Pro/e Wildfire


New member
I was wondering if anyone has worked with translation betweer Autocad Inventor and Pro/e Wildfire. We are currently working with a company who is using Autocad inventor, I am using Pro/e wildfire. Our project is such that when a file is created with Inventor, it will then be sent to me to review and modify if needed and then sent back to the Inventor designer. I know pro/e can read step files, but these files come in as imported geometry....meaning no model tree features show up except for the imported geomerty feature....ideally a way that enables me to see model tree features from an Inventor model is what I am woundering exists....any help is apprecated...Thank You


New member
No. There is no native interoperability between the two.

You can try a 3rd party translator such as CadVerter. That may help get what you need.

PTC even needs to remove their Inventor (.iv) import feature as that is not even a real extension. Someone in their programming department must have been experimenting with drugs when he/she thought that nonsense up.


New member
Drugs might be involved. I think though, it's just a lack of originality at Autodesk (it's been many years since they've been accused of that). *.iv is a graphics file used by Open Inventor, IRIS Inventor.....


Active member
Between AutoCAD and Inventor there is Mechanical Desktop and we had the same problem of converting the models from Mechanical Desktop to Pro/Engineer Wildfire. I have been successful with it.

I saved Mechanical Desktop models as IGES and opened these in Pro/Engineer Wildfire with model tree and all details.

I don't know about Inventor.



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