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Inventor books


New member
Hi, folks. I have just gotten back to Inventor after a few brushes with Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks. I would like to get some recommendations on any tutorials or books on Inventor version 7, something that goes step by step. Thanks.
Hi Roman

You can try
<DIV =buying><B =sans>Autodesk Inventor 7: Basics Through Advanced [/B]by David P Madsen </DIV>
<DIV =buying></DIV>
<DIV =buying>I starteted with his
<DIV =buying>Autodesk Inventor 5/5.3: Basics Through Advanced </DIV>
<DIV =buying>good luck and i belive its good book for you</DIV></DIV>
try use inventor pro9 above itswas easy to make part animation / drawing

easy to understand and remember the shortcut icon


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