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intrface with UG


New member
Dear all,

Any could help me concerning how faris there an interface between UG parts and Proe-wildfire

I know it is impossible to convert features of a part made in UG to be a feature based proe part but i believe that there is a kind of conversion to be made

how about assemblies and to what extent the UG assembly could be read in Proe

parts listed in model tree only?--->

constraints also?---->

connections also?----->


Thanks in advance
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New member
I believe if you export the assembly as a step 2.14 and tell UG to keep the structure, if you import it into WF 2.0 as an assembly not a part all of the parts will be created and you will see the structure and be able to open them. Mind you these are "Dumb Solids" no features etc. Also the assy has no constraints or connections.
If you need features and such there are company's out there that do this as well as software you can buy, but generally it makes sense to use their services. If you look at past posts there are places that people recomended.


You should be able to open a native UG part or assembly file in Pro/E using the associative topology bus. I have not used this, see the Pro/E help under Data Exchange / Associative Topology Bus.

Form the help files:
About ATB-enabled Unigraphics
A Unigraphics part or assembly imported into Pro/ENGINEER with the topobus_enable configuration option set to yes before the import creates Translated Image Models (TIMs) in Pro/ENGINEER. If you insert a Unigraphics part file as an import feature into an existing Pro/ENGINEER part, the resulting import feature is not ATB-enabled.

The Check Status criteria for Unigraphics TIM parts and assemblies is the internal revision number.

Unigraphics uses the same .prt file extension for parts and assemblies. For a Change Link operation, you must select the same model type or the Change Link operation will fail. That is, you cannot change the link of a TIM part to an assembly reference file, or vice-versa.

You must set the intf3d_ug_install_dir configuration option to the full path of the Unigrahpics loadpoint for an update operation to work. If it is not set or not properly set, Pro/ENGINEER will prompt you to set this configuration option properly and abort the update operation.


New member
i think the ATB works for SDRC, UG & Catia only. In order for it to work you have to have a license loaded of either of the previously mentioned softwares.

I read somewhere that you don't have to have a license to use ATB but when I called PTC about it they said you did need one.


I don't think youneed an extra license specifically for ATB... but possibly if you want to use it for SDRC/Catia/UG.

ATB is also used to provide pseudo-backward compatibility between Pro/E releases, and I think this functionality is included in the foundation packages.



New member
I wasn't clear when I reread my previous post. The license you need is a license of either UG, SDRC or Catia loaded


New member
ATB for Pro/E & UG DOES exist. You can buy it from PTC, it's around $8k. I just ordered it last week. We used a trial license of it here for a few weeks and it works good. It still delivers a FEATURELESS model, but it's bi-directional, meaning you can export out direct UG NX2 (or UG NX, UG 18) parts, and read in UG parts. It comes across VERY nice and we are using it for a program we are working on here. Considering all the quirks with Pro, this translator went very smooth.

It also has a way of keeping the models in sync, tho I haven't played around with this. Mean if you had Part A in Pro and Part A in UG, and you change one, they all stay in sync.


New member
By the way, the feature name for this is INTF_for_UG. Took me forever to locate the thing with Pro... it's brand new and only certain people know it exists yet. hahahah