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intralink & windchill


New member
hi guys

I'm working on intralink. I don't know @ windchill

can anybody help me to find difference/relation/similarities between intralink & windchill.

where should i get information @ windchill


New member
I was told by a reliable source that Intralink will be discontinued. PTC will plan to sell only PDMLink/Windchill.

I never use IntraLink but so far I heard that Intralink is good for LAN and PDMLink is good for WAN.

I use PDMLink/Windchill 7.0 everyday and it's great with WF2 M090.

I will become a power user for both softwares, but don't ask me about the admin stuff which I have no clue.

Good luck.


New member
I don't see Intralink ever being discontinued. First, it cost $50k to
$100k to have it installed so most companies with less than 10-20 seats
are not going to be able to afford it. Also to maintain it is another
big cost. THey may rename it to PDMlink lite or Wildchill, hehe!
or something but there is no way it is going away without making alot
of people very angry. Look how long Pro/PDM has been around. Just my


New member
Intralink is not going anywhere as the CAD workgroup manager for Pro/E. There will be some tweaks/enhancements in the next release, but will still exist. If you would like to learn more about the differences in capability I can get you some good documents that differentiate the two solutions.