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intralink replication


New member
I just recently installed Pro I into our company. I have a site here in CT along with one in Amsterdam. I will also be going through the same pains you are with connecting two sites. I would be interested in exchanging any information regarding this subject.

Thank you and hope to here from you.

Dave Chapdelaine

HydrogenSource LLC

(860) 987-5058
It's interesting that you mention this - we also have various sites in Aberdeen & Houston, etc that we plan to join with Intralink:

- central dataserver in Houston

- local fileservers at different locations (Houston, Aberdeen, Canada, Hannover, etc.)

Package replication was considered, but turned down on the grounds it's unsuitable for our application.

The major problem will be network performance - bandwidth/latency, as Intralink tends to be heavy on the network 'chat'.

We'll soon start testing, etc & see how it goes...

We used data replication for a year, but not without a lot of pain! Replication has several issues with performance that are

resolved in 3.2 MR1 due out Dec. 02? The initial full replication

takes a while, but after that, it goes fairly well. We used a T1

for the WAN connection. Anything less then that will be painfull, although I know companies that are replicating on less

with no problems. All major replication is done during off hours. My folder structure is set up in catagories so I can replicate certain areas at a time, such as the library, projects, general, etc during lunch.

Good luck,

Rick Hill

We have a similar plan but haven't started yet.

I was told (by Rand in Denmark) to go for the same solution as Ed, meaning:

having a central dataserver which holds the data and

the have local fileservers in each location.

Doing it this way everyone is supposed to have the

same versions and revisions of the files all the time

- or at least intralink knows which version you are supposed to work on.

We plan on replicating during the night because our

connection is used for general work during the day.

I'm not quite sure what happens if the data server see the newest version on a part as rev A version 10 and the file is located in Denmark because it has not been replicated yet - the guys in Germany is holding rev - (initial) and version 12 - what happens then??

I hope to get a waning?

We've shelved the replication plans for the moment.

After a fair bit of testing, we decided it was just too slow. . .

Even using local fileservers, the check-in process was taking far too long (from 10 to 30 times longer than the local check in).



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