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Intralink & Performances


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is he/she/it/you normal that a [assieme] ([asm]), composed from births ([prt]) that do they reside in Intralink, do I/you/he/she/it have opened with an incensed slowness (around three minutes) holding [condo] that is composed from around a 30 births?.

I justify for the syntax and grammar, but the translation from the Italian to the English has happened Italian Assistant for half of the software.

Thank you
Check the filesize of local.ddb in your .proi folder. If this file becomes very big, Intralink performance is poor and Pro/E will crash more frequently.


1) Check in everything in your workspaces to commonspace.

2) Delete all workspaces.

3) Delete the .proi folder (it should be created automatically next time you start intralink)

!!! If you want to save personal settings, copy the necessary files temporarily to another location and then restore them under the new .proi. If you are not sure about which files to keep, simply delete the local.ddb file after checking in and deleteing all workspaces


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