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Intralink initial import scheme


New member
We are implementing Intralink after using Pro-E for a few years. By "using Pro-E" I meant abusing Pro-E. We now have many assemblies with missing parts and some with circular references troubles. To make matters worse, many are very large assemblies.

My plan of action has been to import in the following order: (1) parts (2) assemblies (3) drawings

My question is: Has anyone gone through a messy implementation and do you have any suggestions on a good scheme for resolving these? Do you have a trick to get around these ghost objects created by parts that are simply gone?

Our numbers are approximately as follows:

Parts: 6,700

Assemblies: 2,200

Drawings: 1,000

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance


New member
You should havestarted using Intralink some 5,000 parts ago. Intralink will not fix "missing files". I would not import bad assemblies in Intralink, you'll end up with a bunch of ghost objects. You need to bite the bullet andfix them first.

Good Luck