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Intralink Hang-up??


New member
I am working in Pro-E Wildfire 1.0 and using Intralink. About every 20 minutes or so, Pro-E basically locks and I cannot work in it. I notice in the background that my Workspace browser windowturns solid gray. I can move the workspace window around and it erases everything underneath it. This occurs about every 20 minutes and lasts about 3-4 minutes.Then up and running normal. However, it does not do it all the time. Could either of these have anything to do with this:

1-Do the # of items in Workspace matter?

2-I am located in Michigan, the Intralink server is located in Vancouver, Canada.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this, thanks!!
Yep that's an issue having a WAN like that. What's happening is that Intralink is trying to sync with the site in Vancouver.

The number of items will drastically influence the performance of the workspace.

You can close Intralink while Wildfire is connected to workspace to minimize the communication traffic.

You may also be able to launch WF connected to a workspace without
connecting to Intralink. The process escapes me at the moment, but a
quick search on the Knowledge base would turn up something.


New member
Watch the number of frames you have as well. Seems to be once you hit in the high 20s of frames it comes to a crawl.