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intralink default view


New member
Is there any way you can change the default table view in intralink?

I think it would be very helpful to have "Release Level" and "Folder" in there. I think most people would agree.

Appreciate the help


New member
Everyone can do this. This is not a change to the default this would be a temporary change that you would have to do every time you log in like a bookmark!

I want to change the default to be different than it is in my system. I have admin rights but still don't know how to do this!

Thanks for responding



New member
Hi Trickey

You can do like this if you have admin rights.

1.Go to table congfig. set the attributes you want to display in workspace and create the name as "new_Attr".

2.Go to preferences/Configration/selet workspace under Browser.

3.Select Local broeser sorting to yes.

4.Click Set Table display as "new_attr", what earlier you created.

Apply and so ok.