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Intralink Check-in Problems


New member
Hi all,

I am new to Intralink.

I already have some assemblies in Intralink. Now, I need to check-in some other assemblies which have some parts of already exisiting assemblies.

My Problem: when trying to check-in new assemblies, it was saying "Part XXX.prt already exists in Intralink". Can't Check-in the assembly.

Question: To be able to check in a new asm which has some parts of already existing asm's, Do i need to rename the parts of new asm? Do i need to do this each time i check-in a new assembly with a common part?

Thanks in advance



New member

Are you trying to put some existing data from hard disk into the Intralink ?

Sync withCS works for the objects renamed in commonspace, objects moved to adifferent folder etc.

If you are sure that the parts are exactly same as those used on other assemblies try the following.

1. UPDATE the objects in your workspace which are showing as "Same name exists"

2. Open assemblies in Pro/E and see any placement constraints need to be resolved/redefined.

3. Save assembly and check into Commonspace.

NOTE: Exports all the files into a new workspace as backup if something goes wrong, as you are new to Intralink.