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Intralink Attributes vs. Pro/E Parameters


New member

We use 22 user-defined attributes in Intralink. These same 22

are called out as designated parameters in our start part

models in Pro/E.

They are given values in Intralink and those values are passed

to the Pro model via the fact that they are designated in Pro.

From there, these 22 values are all used to populate our

drawing formats in addition to using the system attributes

in Intralink of proi_revision, proi_version and proi_release


My question - My sense is that the systems attributes

shown on the drawing come from Intralink but where do the

user-defined attribute values shown on the drawing format

come from- Intralink or Pro/E?




New member
Something dawned on me over the weekend regarding this.

When I export a drawing and model out of Intralink that

has these parameters and open it up in a unlinked session

of Pro, the drawing still populates just fine which tells me

that it's reading the values from Pro in this case.

Do you think it makes sense to believe this also occurs when

items remain in the Intralink environment - that is, the drawing

reads it parameter values from the model and not Intralink?


New member
yep Thats the way it works !

attributes are passed from the model to the pdm system...with Intralink and pdm link.

I had an issue where in Ilink2.0 we had a user defined attrbiute called description.

upgraded t o3.3 and there was now a system wide attribute called description

not possible for 2 attributes with the same name, so ilink renamed one of them to *description....


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