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Intralink and PTC


New member
I don't know how many of you use Intralink but if you do you should know what happend by now. For those of you who don't know yesterday afternoon Intralink would not let you log in. We checked our server switch boxes and anything else we could think of. Came in this morning and there was a email from "pro user" that there was a time out issue in a dll file in Intralink. After getting thru to the link we got it fixed and back to work. Some poor guy on this site even went as far as to re-load Intralink. At 2:40 pst we recieved a notice from ptc about this issue? What kind of piss poor type of responce from ptc. I can't believe that they did not tell Intralink users first thing in the morning? Countless hours of work must have been lost from people that never got the message of the problem. This has to be the lowest responce from ptc that I have ever seen. You can bet that they told their big customers first thing. Next time a problem appears like this again, I hope top brass at ptc pulls their head out if their A*#!!!



New member
More than 200Pro/E users in our companyalso incounter same problem with Intralink yesterday. I totally agree with you cncwhiz that ptc should have informed all Intralink users, ptc has caused us a lot of precious time yesterday because of their poor response on this matter. Hope this will not happen again.



Hang on a minute here...

I agree fully that this Intralink issue was unacceptable, and even suggested to PTC tech support that it may have been an attempt to "encourage" people to upgrade...

However, yesterday as soon as users reported the issue I did a search on KDB for the error message "failed to take refresh license" - top of the list was an explanation & fix. The fix was temporary (eg: set clock back a day, logon, reset clock) - but at least it let users get on with their work. In the meantime I opened a call with PTC asking for a proper fix, and within an hour or 2 they'd sent out the patch. Then in 15 mins I had it installed on the server ready for users to get on their next startup.

So, how could any customer with common sense be in the dark about this issue? The KDB & Tech support front page had information about it as soon as it was known. The email exploders and other sources also had info pretty quickly.

Following the steps I mention,we probably lost no more than 15 minutes across hundreds of users...



New member

The isue here is that ptc did "not" tell anyone about this issue until yesterday afternoon. You and everybody else had to get it from an exploder. On top of that we have another VAR that did not even know about the issue. I bet there are companies out there that still don't know about this issue? If they have the software and don't have maintenance with ptc can they even get the patch to fix the problem? I also had an email from a group with 200 seats and they lost alot of work time because of this issue. That could be a lot of seats going to solid works?


New member
I got an email from our VAR at 9:47 AM Wednesday morning forwarding an email she got from PTC at 8:54 AM Wed morning with a link to the patch. I also got a follow up call from a sales guyfrom PTC this morning to make sure everything here was alright -

and we don't even have intralink.

Seemed pretty timely to me, almost excessive in our case.Sounds like you've been dealing with the wrong people.


New member

For our Intralink and some of our seats ptc is our support? We have a "VAR" for another few seats and they did not call either. The one guy that I talk to at the "VAR" was not aware of the problem. We recieved a call from another "VAR" that wedid not know and he was checking on us? I don't know what is going on with ptc or the "VAR's" butwith all the money we pay for support they need to do a much better job IMO?


New member
I hate bugs too, but the link to the TAN that included the link to the patch was on PTC tech support's front page as early as 6:26 AM CST Wed. One of my engineers noticed the problem Tues night (UNIX bug apparently kicked in mid-day on Wed). I sent a warning email out to our Intralink and Intralink Toolkit customers and then checked early Wed. Sure enough it was on ptc.com. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

It wasn


New member
I personally got 8 different emails ranging from that morning to the afternoon, from PTC I got from my Salesperson that morning before it was released.