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Intralink 3.4 using a lot of RAM


New member
I have install Intralink 3.4 with a default large database. On my old
installation The server is using 500MB RAM but in the new it is using
1.5GB Ram.

PTC support says it is normal because 3.4 is using oracle 9. If I look
at PTC's recommendation they har in 3.3 512 MB Ram (just for intralink)
but in 3.4 4GB Ram. Both for large database. This will cost a lot
of money to bye new RAM for the server. Do anyone have any experience
with this? Or any idea how to make a workaround.

I do not think it is normal just for upgrading to a new version that I need to have 8 times more RAM in the Server.


New member
Previous versions of Ilink used a small subset of a full Oracle install optimized for direct access by the data server software.

3.4 now requires a full install of Oracle prior to data server installation. A full Oracle instance requires considerably more resources than the subset we are used to.

With Ilink and PDMLink now on the same version of Oracle, PTC is paving the way for an easier transfer of data between the two products as they steer us toward PDMLink.
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