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intralink 3.4 and RTP


New member
We are trying to set-up the RTP function of intralink 3.4. I have reviewed the PTC site and help files but they are vague. We have the e mail running and created a prodeure ect... but we are missing something. Is thier a brief outline of step by step set-up out thier.


New member
Firstly you need to either modify the builit in release procedure or create your own.

For example, create a new release procedure name MyReleaseProc, adding a couple of release levels to it:

Concept, WIP, Released.

If you want a work flow on the release level change, you also need to create a approval scheme. I suggest all the participants have proper email address set.

Then create a new Folder using this new release procedure and set the approval scheme for each release level.

Now you can promote and demote objects under this new folder. Approvers will get email explaining they need to approve the RTP request. They can either approve, abort or override the RTP.

After the RTP is finished, the requestor will receive a notice. If it is approved or overidden, the release level of the objects will be changed. Otherwise, the release levels remain unchanged.

A promotion form will be created after the RTP is finished. You can review what objects are contained in the release process, their start and finish release levels, action on the RTP and its status...

It is very simple. What problem in specific do you have?