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Intralink 3.3


New member
I inadvertently posted this under Administration, but it should be here.

Has anyone else seen this innocuous error message in Intralink 3.3 when you try to duplicate an assembly: "There are circular dependencies to 'file_name'..."? I found an SPR on the subject, but the workaround is about the lamest thing I've come across lately anddoes not work for me because of the size and number of items I have to duplicate.

Is this fixed in 3.4? If someone from Pro/E is reading this, FIX IT! The SPR was from April. It's been six months already! This has left me virtually paralyzed and it's inexcusable that it has taken this long to fix the problem!

Gary B


New member
I have a problem with pro- intralink 3.3 information screeen from workspace menu (right click menu). When I
decide to see the information about some drawings the picture is too
small and I can not zoom it. If can tell me how I solve this problemView attachment 499

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