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Intralink 3.3


New member
Is there such a thing as a Pre-Production release of Intralink 3.3? I would like to get going using Wildfire and need 3.3 running.


Steve C
I periodically ask PTC tech support for updates to the scheduled release of Pro/INTRALINK 3.3. Last week I was told they were shooting for a June release, but it may slip to July. It may be Pre-Production; I didn't ask that. But there isn't any software until then.
>>Last week I was told they were shooting for a June release, but it may slip to July.

hee, hee... I had a green horn sales droid from PTC call me trying to sell an upgrade in our license for Wallflower. Told him I wasn't going to use it because it wasn't compatible with Intralink. He was totally unaware of this. Not surprising since the sales hype indicates you have your choice of Wildchill or Intralink PDM software. Anyway, he checks with tech support and they assure him 3.3 will be out in May... I couldn't help but to laugh out loud. But no, really, it WILL be out in May. Yeah, Can I intrest you in a bridge in NY?

I figure 6 months before there's a stable release. Hopefully by then some of the most irritating features of Wallflower will have been fixed.

Bernie Hayden

It's just increditable that the two releases aren't done at the same time. So, Bernie, you think about six months before a stable release of 3.3? Is this normal for PTC?

Steve C
Intralink seems get very little attention from PTC. Anybody know how long it was between 3.1 and 3.2? PTC has dropped suport for Pro/PDM and with their push toward Windchill named products I suspect Intralink is low on the priority list.

I haven't seen the Windchill offering for PDM. I'm not even sure if it's based on an Oracle database. If it is then I'd expect PTC to merge the two products; which could mean even less emphasis on v3.3 In any event I'd sure want to see 3.3 out in a production environment for a few months before I made the switch.