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Intralink 3.3/ WF2 64-bit


New member
Has anyone achieved success in getting WF2 64-bit to operate with Intralink 3.3? I know that only 3.4 M020 is certified by PTC. I've been putting off upgrading to 3.4 and instead plan to go directly to Intralink8 when WF3 ships. In the meantime, I have some large assemblies that would really benefit from using x64.

I have been able to get 3.3 M021 to work on Windows XP x64, and also it inter-operates correctly with Wildfire 2 32-bit on this OS. However, when I install WF2 M140 64-bit, I cannot get ProE to connect to the workspace. It will launch ProE from the browser but it will run in the My Documents folder, not the WS. Even doing an Object>Open successfully launches Pro, but the part does not load into session, and again it does not connect to the WS.

Launching ProE standalone also does not prompt for an Intralink login.

Any and all help is appreciated!


Peter Brown
I'm on m020 Intralink 3.3 with the same issue. I use Wildifre2 m160 but alas m020 intralink 3.3 won't even run.

However, if you read the batch file it does have an entry for IA64 for the 64bit intels.


New member
Did anyone get this combination (WF2 and Intralink 3.3) working on 64-bit? If so, can you please let me know.

Thanks, GWunder