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intralink 3.2


I have problems with import and export. I just posted a question about this. Let's see what replays I get.
We recently upgraded from 2.0 to 3.2 and when we did we all sorts of problems with family table parts, The answer was a healing script that comes with the Intralink 3.2 CD. It took a few seconds to run on the entire database and it fixed the problem. I don't remember the name but if you call PTC and mention that phrase they will point you to it.
I think this fixed it......

It is necessary to run a healing script to resolve the issue (this script also corrects the issue described in TPI 109650).

1) Log into the Dataserver as the administrator (windows) or the oracle user (unix) and open a command window.

2) Change directories to the following location:

(unix) <Dataserver loadpoint>/intralink/dbs/ilink_patches/hl_scripts

(windows) <Dataserver loadpoint>\intralink\dbs\ilink_patches\hl_scripts

3) Start sqlplus:

(unix)> sqlplus system/

(windows)> sqlplus system/

4) Execute the following three commands in sqlplus:

SQL> alter user pdm identified by pdm;

SQL> connect pdm/pdm

SQL> @hl_I0114.sql

When run successfully, something similar to the following will be output to the screen

=== Please wait while script is running ...

=== Found 4 LOs with bad name.

. Recovered 4 of them.

=== Fixed 43 LOVs with bad folder.

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

20 rows updated.

0 rows updated.

*Note that the numbers depicted here are just examples. They will vary on each installation.

5) After the script executes and exits from sqlplus, reset the 'pdm' user password so that Pro/INTRALINK clients can connect successfully:

Change directory to the following location:

(unix) <loadpoint>/intralink/tools/bin

(windows) <loadpoint>\intralink\tools\bin

6) Execute the 'proipwd' utility to set the password back to the default value. In order to perform a full reset, the command must be executed in a shell with both arguments listed on one line as shown:

> proipwd system <system user password>

Example: > proipwd system manager

When executed properly, the following note will be displayed:

Installing Default Pro/INTRALINK Security ...

Access Checked

Updating Pro/INTRALINK Done

Updating Oracle Password ...

Oracle Password Changed

Checking Password Change ...

Default Pro/INTRALINK Security Installed Successful.


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